Read Rules Or Get Kicked !

Here on Tod Review Community Forum there are simple rules that all our members should follow. We try to keep everything simple and therefore our rules are pretty simple, clear and straight forward.

  • Don't Spam
  • Don't Abuse
  • Don't Lie
  • Don't Cheat
Don't Spam: Usually some people join forums just to spam on them by posting non-useful links, copied content, cheap promotions of unwanted stuffs etc. They just want back links to their websites. So, its our request, if you have come here for this then this forum is not for you. Only post useful links and content, if we found any link or content not useful for our audience then we will remove it.

Don't Abuse: This is a professional forum, so, only post useful content related this forum. Abusing others on forum is strictly prohibited, if we anytime found anybody abusing any other member or company then we will immediately remove that content and ban the responsible person from our forum. In simple words, don't use abusive language on our forum, you can criticize or write bad reviews about any company but you can't use abusive language. We follow simple rule: Give Respect ! Take Respect !

Don't Lie: This is another very important thing that our members should keep in mind. We all are here to help each other. Misleading or misguiding anybody is not good. Posting false information can harm any individual or company. So, please try to be true and don't mislead people.

Don't Cheat: This forum is for professional talks, cheating others here will not be tolerated. So, try to be genuine with others.

If you can follow these simple rules then you can stay here.

Failing in following these simple rules will result in a ban !
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